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Pre-employment background check by third party company - denied employment

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I applied for a part-time job in the County where I currently hold a full-time job with local Government. The company requires background checks. The third party sent the company general hits on a person/persons from a name search and date of birth only. As a result I was denied employment. I have ordered my criminal background check from the State Troopers Office in Virginia. Beyond that what can I do to prove to the potential employer the person/persons in this report is not me?

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If it was not you, I would suggest getting a copy of the background check and pulling the record of conviction for those cases. Then the identification of the person on the record would be easy. If the potential employer will not give you the background check, ask for the company that did the check and the type of background detail they used. Then buy a copy of it from that company for yourself. If it was a case of stolen identity, then you will have to dig deeper. I have handled cases like that before and it was a time consuming mess. We won but it was tedious but well worth it to my client, the victim.

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