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Asked almost 4 years ago - Plano, TX

I had my naturalization interview over a month ago. I passed English and civics and was given a N-14 to resend 3 pages of N-400. Officer wanted me to fax the documents. N-14 due date was 30 days so i did not take a chance and decided to mail them as well. what is the average time to get the oath letter? he also hand delivered N-652 which congratulates and says that i established naturalization requirements.

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  1. Isaul Verdin

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    Answered . You should receive an oath date within 30 days.

    Best of luck and congratulations!

    Verdin Law Firm, LLC
    Dallas, TX

  2. Nabil E Chelico

    Contributor Level 8

    Answered . If there are no complications in your naturalization application and the officer simply needed more legible copies of your application, you should get your oath taking letter within 30-90 days. If you do not receive correspondence within that timeframe, you should contact an attorney for asssistance.

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