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Possibly receiving a GOMAR CW2 17 years svc first look April is my retirement lost also?

Colorado Springs, CO |

The Command is still deciding on the type of reprimand

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You should consult with TDS or a civilian military law attorney to discuss:
Your rebuttal to any GOMR, that will include addressing the filing decision.
Should the GOMR reach your record and HRC then there is potential jeopardy for an administrative elimination. You have less than 18 years service. There has been a policy of keeping people with 18+ to allow them to reach retirement.;; 703-298-9562, 800-401-1583. Answering your question does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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Contact TDS or an experienced military law attorney to draft your rebuttal. There are many of us on this site that have dealt with this issue.

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I concurr with the answers you have received. If you receive a GOMAR you need to consult with military defense counsel or experienced civilian counsel to assist you in drafting your rebuttal. Further adminstrative action on the part of the command may depend on the characterization of the GOMAR. You should not hesitate to ask for additional time to draft your response. Military Counsel can do that for you.

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You have recieved some good advise here from my colleges. There is a lot at stake here for you and you should not proceed without cousel. I recommend looking for a local attorney who has military experience, this will not be hard to find in Colorado Springs or along the front range.

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