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Possibly a False Police Report to be filed

Woodbridge, VA |
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We were at a Concert on Saturday when a bunch of "punks" were sitting right in front of us (they did NOT pay for the seats) were trying to jump one by one over barrier. My boyfriend and I didn't mind b/c it wasn't affecting us until one of them mouthed off my BF got up and verbal altercation exchanged and then the one guy threw a punch at my BF - their group was taken up by the gate and found out several did not have tickets and were ejected.

The girl in the group claims my BF hit her which is a LIE and we have two witnesses to include an undercover Detective. She told the stadium police she wanted to file charges and they told her she would have to file them with the court.

Question - when she does can we file "false police report charges" and sue her for defamation?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Did she get your boyfriend's information? She's going to have to have his name and address to file a warrant for assault. If she does do so, make sure he talks to a lawyer immediately and not to anyone else about the charges. A lawyer will be able to gather the witnesses necessary to defend the charge.

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  2. It does not sound like anything has happened yet, and so likely nothing will. IF charges are brought, hire a criminal defense attorney at once. False report is a crime, and yes you can also file suit. You can consult a criminal defense attorney now, or you can wait.

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