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Possible under the table ADOPTION that may have never taken place and now I stand here no b/c at 42. read below please

Sarasota, FL |

a lot to tell. Simply put I was told I was adopted in 72. I never had a b/c. I have a copy for the original the agency mailed it to me. But, Surrogate Court- Suffolk County so far they can not produce a file. they need formal written consent to open records to look for an actual order. If they can find a file. I called acs who is having their legal department pull my foster records. my mom has been telling me Im worried. They state declined her interview and home study and notified her she wouldn't get a child at all.. but a clerk from that court signed the paper they gave my mom. money exchanged hands. I have had problems with my ss # since I was little as well. someone was going to college with my ss when I was7. I need help resolving this n why they allowed an unfit person to take me.

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  1. Back then, you could maybe have been kidnapped or given away improperly - they did not have they same kinds of systems for tracking missing children, and they didn't have DNA testing. Do you know for sure you were in the foster care system? If you had an agency that sounds like a private adoption, not DCF, which would have been HRS back then. So if you are 42 now you were born in 1942? Therefore you really have no idea what happened?

    It seemed like the first thing to do is open your adoption records. There is a process in Florida for doing this and this would be a reason to do it. You have to get an attorney, file a petition, and have a hearing. You need to contact an adoption attorney in the Sarasota area as soon as possible.

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