Possible to cancel child support before court date?

I received a letter saying I must attend court for my child support. Is it possible to cancel it before my court date?

Westminster, CA -

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Cathleen Elisabeth Norton

Cathleen Elisabeth Norton

Child Support Lawyer - Beverly Hills, CA

You should not be afraid to appear in court if you have not lied on any of the documents you filed. If you are going through Child Support Services, you will meet with the attorney beforehand, and may even not have to appear in front of the judge at all. Most non-lawyers are afraid to make a court appearance--but that isn't a reason to withdraw your child support request. I am including links below which may help you to understand the process and lessen your anxiety. Good luck.

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Martha Bronson

Martha Bronson

Family Law Attorney - Tracy, CA

It is not exactly clear from your post just where your case it at. Did you ask the state to obtain child support orders for you and in response the filed a motion for support and it is set for hearing and you have changed your mind about wanting support so you want to cancel the hearing? Or is you situation one where you are collecting state benefits and the state, on your behalf, is seeking support orders in addition to reimbursement for the benefits paid to you? Please post more information and I will gladly respond as best I can. Thank you.

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