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Possible punishments for disorderly conduct and possession?

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My friend was a arrested earlier today for disorderly conduct, he says he was drunk at a house party and also a small amount of marijuana was found on him? He's still locked up on the drug charge with a $100 bail. This is his second possession charge, the first one was dropped and he also has plead guilty to a Obstruction of justice charge. He also had a open flask charge and a bunch of driving on a suspended license charges dropped. He's 22 and a student if that helps.

I don't want to bail him out if after court there is a possibility he could be found guilty and sentenced to jail. Also he doesn't want a public defender this go around, he wants to hire a lawyer. Is it worth it to bail him out and pay money for a lawyer? are these charges punishable by jail or just tickets?

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It would depend on what level of charge he received. Disorderly conduct has several levels to it ranging from non jailable to jailable. Possession of marijuana, a small amount, is a minor misdemeanor which carries no jail time. However, all drug offenses in the State of Ohio carry a mandatory license suspension of a minimum six months. I would recommend he gets an attorney as soon as possible.

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If your friend doesn't want a public defender then he should hire and attorney immediately. I would not suggest he try to fight these charges without an attorney present. Ohio mandates a six month license suspension with a drug possession charge. Additionally, as a student a drug charge can negatively affect any loans or grants for school as well as future job opportunities.
As far as possible penalties go, that will depend on the level of offense with which he was charged. It could be as slight as a minor misdemeanor (which carries no jail time) or as high as a first degree misdemeanor (which carries up to 180 days in jail). I advise he speaks with private counsel immediately. Best of luck in this case.

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It is much better for you to use the money to hire an attorney instead of bail. Bail is a short term fix and hiring an attorney could lead to a long term fix. Disorderly conduct could be charged as a minor misdemeanor which doesn't carry jail or a fourth degree misdemeanor which carries up to 30 days in jail. Possession of weed less than 100grams does not carry any jail time but it does carry loss of the ability to obtain student loans or grants, loss of his driver's license, and inability to travel overseas. It can also keep him from working in certain career fields or certain professional licensure. I suggest you hire him a lawyer to assist him. The lawyer may even be able to get an own recognizance bond.

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