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Possible medical malpractice? Back in feb 2012 my right ear bleed that led to surgery. I was told I had a secretion in my head

Maynard, MA |

That needed a bone/or a skin graph to fix it plus the doc wanted to fix my prosthetic eardrum & scar tissue. After surgery I was told they had to call in an emergency neuro doc to remove a piece of my brain that was infected in my earcannale. When asked about what I was told they were going to do they said that they didn't want to touch my ear piece (that was crooked) which could have made me hear better. They also said that the bone that was there didn't look infected to they put it back in. How if there was nothing there? I have had bad headaches & left side weakness, numbness, dizziness, digestive problems & somedays these symptoms cripple me when it gets bad. Is this a case & who should I talk to? I am broke bc of this & I need help. Please help me. It's going to be 2yrs in feb.

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    Do not delay. You need to immediately schedule a free consultation with an experienced and skilled Massachusetts medical malpractice lawyer in your area. Medical malpractice cases are just about always handled on a contingency fee basis, so you don't need money up front. Your lawyer will have your records reviewed by an expert to determine whether you have a case.

  2. You need to see an experienced malpractice attorney in your area as soon as possible. Any attorney who does these cases should handle on a contingency fee, so you will not need any money to consult with someone. Do not delay.

  3. First I think you should get a second opinion from an otolaryngologist and make sure that you do not need further surgical intervention or treatment. Then you can contact a local attorney and have your claim fully evaluated. If you can't get in to see an otolaryngologist there are neurologists that specialize in balance disorders and I would go see one of those.

  4. Consult with an experienced MA medical malpractice attorney.

  5. Have a local malpractice lawyer order your medical records to investigate

  6. Both the attorney who said you should contact a med mal practitioner quickly and the attorney who said you should continue to explore your medical treatment to determine the exact state of your health and how you might have been injured.

    Much more information is missing. Many malpractice claims will not be prosecuted by attorneys owing to the high cost of experts, etc. Remember your attorney will need to show that the MD that treated you acted in a manner that fell substantially below the actions of a normally competent MD in the same situation. However, telling you what possible downsides to expect from your surgery may be an element of the standards of care.

    Good luck.

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