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Possible consequences for a 17 year old caught shoplifting

Seattle, WA |

got caught shoplifting around $13 dollars worth a makeup.
Washington state
date it happened 1/8/09
17 years old.
will be 18 on 1/14/09
Bartells drugstore
first time in trouble with law-spotless record
i thought being honest would help in case they found out i lied, so when he
asked if this was the first time i said no
i should have known better.
i only did it once before.just once last year

i know i have to pay a fine+product value
&can't go there for a year
they called my friends mom to pick us up
i didn't get in trouble with my school
just a week lunch detention

but what else could happen??

supposed to get something in the mail explaining stuff
how long does that take?
will i have to go to court&jail?
since my bday is really close does that give them more of a reason to charge me as an adult or however they do it?
is there anything i can do that might improve my chances of a lighter consequences?

im not making excuses i just need answers

the cop said we could get expelled
my counselor&administrator said no way not for that
&that they might just be trying to scare us

do u think they would scare us about the court thing too?

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If the police were involved, there probably will be a court case. Typically because of your age that would be filed in the juvenile department of the superior court. However, when the 18th birthday is that close, it's common that the state can't get charges filed in time to get you into juvenile court. Once your birthday comes, your case must be handled in adult court.
The maximum potential penalty under state law (which is used in most courts) is a year in jail and a $5,000 fine. However, cases like this rarely result in jail. Most courts offer some type of diversion to young defendants like yourself. Talk to a lawyer once you get your court date, don't make any quick decisions. Make sure you understand the consequences of any potential resolution for your case, and educate yourself about what long term impact it might have on you.

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