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Policeman assumed I went sopping when baby set in car but I wasn't going to do that. How to make judge dismiss three charges?

Camp Hill, PA |
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  1. The best and only way for you to be protected is to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. The sooner the better. Good luck.

  2. Dismissal of the charges might be overly optimistic. But that does not mean that you would be found 'guilty' of the offense. Courts will generally 'dismiss' charges only where there is an abject absence of evidence to support one of the necessary legal elements of the offense. If 'some' evidence exists to support each of the necessary elements, then the Court is generally obligated to allow the case to proceed to trial. That evidence may satisfy the 'probable cause' standard, but may fall far short of proof 'beyond reasonable doubt' at trial. I absolutely agree that you need an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer to explore and develop all fact defenses you have in this situation.

  3. Mr. Keller has provided the only answer there is to your question. You must have the assistance. Talk to one or more in private. Most here offer free consultations. I suggest you start talking to them now. Good luck.

  4. I agree with Mr. Keller. You should retain an attorney and speak with him or her. If you cannot afford an attorney then apply for the public defender. I highly recommend refraining from placing any more information about the case on the internet.

  5. Hire a criminal lawyer ASAP.

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