Police Raided and Arrested a legal medical Marijuana patient/caregiver. And Badly hurt a 69 yr old women bystander.

Smashed the door, had Assault rifles. Caregiver was accused of delivering to legal patient.. Police entered house without warrant. Printed warrant inside house and found less then 1 once. of medical marijuana. Police Brutality, Refused medical help for seriously abused 69 yr old ill women. Police refused to allow assaulted women bystander to use her inhaler, to call her attorney and was put in hand cuffs in the cold outside for apx 45 min's . Police tore her muscles in both arms. Medical Marijuana Patient has serious heart condition. Is a legal resident of California and patient /caregiver in Calif and MI. I need Michigan/California. I need an experts advice. Should I inform the ACLU will they help a Senior Citizen Rights. What about the Medical Marijuana Patient's Rights.

Birmingham, MI -

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Barry Franklin Poulson

Barry Franklin Poulson

Health Care Lawyer - Hillsdale, MI

Michigan's MMMA is newer than laws in many states, and less settled. Google Cannabis Counsel or Matt Abel to find THE expert. Tell him Barry sent you. The police care nothing about patient rights, the elderly, or the MMMA.

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