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I came home around 3am last night for St.pattys day, I am 21 but still I did not drink. I was dropped off by a friend because I do not have a car. I just recently moved in with my sister & have not received a key into the house yet. She was sleeping & would not answer her phone so I knocked on the door for like 5 min. on & off, I then took my expensive heels off to go around the side to wake her up by knocking on the window. Suddenly, 3 cops came around & told me to freeze. They told me neighbors heard loud noises by "me" & wasn't believing my truthful story & that I live there & thought it was suspicious I was barefoot, yet in an expensive dress. They told me I had to come with them & either get dropped off at a friends house or go to jail. I WAS DUMBFOUNDED, I could not believe this!

I'M WORRIED BECAUSE I THINK COPS WROTE A REPORT ON ME TO KEEP ON FILE, I DONT WANT MY NAME IN THE SYSTEM OVER THIS. NONE of my friends were answering my calls !! finally my friend who dropped me off answered & then the police dropped me off at their house. The police said I could have gone to jail if I didnt comply, because when they came around the corner as I was saying my sisters name through the window, they scared the CRAP out of me & I ducked, they could have been a creepy guy about to rape me in the dark! When I realized it was the police I IMMEDIATELY stood up & walked to them, I even told them they really scared me & that I thought they were a couple of creepy drunk guys! MY QUESTION IS, WHAT DID THE POLICE DO WRONG IN THIS SITUATION? HOW COULD I HAVE BEATEN AN ARREST LIKE THIS IF I WAS EVER ARRESTED? WHAT SHOULD I HAVE DONE? HOW SHOULD I HAVE HANDLED THIS SITUATION WITH THE COPS? LIKE WHAT SHOULD I HAVE SAID OR NOT SAID?? Didnt want to give them my info

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    The issue reframed becomes this: It was 3AM and you were behaving very much like a drunken reveler at best, or a burglar at worst; then when you tried to explain your situation, they didn't believe you, in part because (1) drunken revelers and/or burglars lie to the police on a regular basis all the time, and (2) your story isn't entirely believable; then, instead of charging you with any offense, dropped you off at a friend's house (thereby cutting you a break); and you'd like to know what the POLICE did wrong?

    You seriously need to reconsider some things. Also? Nothing good ever happens after midnight.

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  3. With all due respect, but why are you worried about something that didn't even happen? Just be thankful that it's over.

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  4. Your questions, in order:

    "What did the police do wrong?" Nothing. They were investigating a potential intruder. Your neighbors hear loud knocking and someone creeping around in the bushes. You didn't know who the police were and thought they might assault you- the neighbors probably thought the same of you.

    "How could I have beaten an arrest in this situation?" Too much is hypothetical to be able to answer.

    "How should I have handled it? What should I have said or not said?" Well, you didn't get arrested, so I think you did everything about right. If you had been arrested for any reason, you say only two things:

    1. I wish to use my right to remain silent.
    2. I will not speak to anyone but my lawyer.

    Repeat those two things to any law enforcement officer you talk to.

    My response to this question does not mean I agree to represent you in any proceedings. This information is also not subject to attorney-client privilege.

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