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Points on license from speeding ticket

Duluth, GA |

I got a speeding ticket the other day and dont need the points on my license and was wondering if I took a defensive driving course would that take care of the points

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Get a lawyer who handles these kind of tickets in your neck of the woods. It may cost but he should be able to help. Find out what your options are before you do something.

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If you are convicted of speeding more than 14 mph over the posted speed limit, you should anticipate points being assessed against your driving record. Short of having the ticket dismissed, you need for the ticket to be reduced to 14 mph or less over the posted speed limit or have the charge amended to an offense that will not be reported out of the court to the Georgia Department of Driver Services. In order to avoid possible insurance ramnifications from this ticket, you need to keep the ticket from ever reaching your record. Depending upon the court in which the ticket is pending, I sometimes have clients complete a defensive driving course in an effort to facilitate a reduction or amendment of a speeding charge.

Although it probably will not help with your insurance premiums, Georgia law does provide for a defensive driving course to be used to reduce points on a driver's record. The applicable statute states, "[u]pon the accumulation of points pursuant to Code Section 40-5-57, the total number of points accumulated by any driver shall be reduced by seven points, but to not less than zero points, upon the satisfactory completion by such driver of an approved defensive driving course and the submission of a certificate by such driver to the department. The provisions of this Code section shall be available one time only to each driver in any five-year period."

Ben Sessions

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