Please someone tell me how to publicize my case ..

Asked over 1 year ago - Miami, FL

I think my case was handled with such injustice .
This judge was more than wrong
He had to have gotten paid and if anyone will make a deal it is this corrupt attorney my husband had .
I would like any ideas on how to publicize my case .
Maybe only then it will get investigated ,my husbands corrupt attorney and the judge should get jail.
Sounds crazy and harsh .
I know they did something together .
I know that the best attorney in the world won't help
The judge was unfair to the highest degree .
Filing a complaint with the Florida bar was a waste of time .
To investigate you need all the court transcripts and money ..
There's no justice ,the one with the money wins ..
While I went to court without an attorney ,my husband showed up relaxed with two.
Justice doesn't exist !!!!

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  1. Jack Richard Lebowitz


    Contributor Level 18

    Answered . If someone asked you to play a round of golf and you had no idea how the game was played or the rules, and tried to hit a bowling ball you brought with a tennis racket, a baseball bat and a hammer and you couldn't get near the hole, would you blame the golf course? Tiger Woods? The PGA? The Scots? Would you feel there's "no justice"? Would you feel the sport of golf is "corrupt" and "fixed"?

    And what are you going to "publicize"? That you are naive and lacking in cluefulness? Why do you think it takes lawyers three years to get a special education in the law, and how the courts work, and classes in things like "civil procedure" and "rules of evidence" and then have to pass a tough exam to appear in court, and then have to keep practicing and doing case-specific research for each matter?

    I don't know how to disassemble my car engine or do brain surgery. I've had no training in those things. If I tried them and the results were a botch, would that be "society's fault" or my fault?

    Have you ever watched a TV show like Law and Order, Court TV, or a trial on TV. I know cameras are allowed in the courtrooms in Florida and there are real live trials on TV every day. Do you really think you can just go to court without a lawyer and win your case when the other side is represented?

    You are in need of a reality check.

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