Please review my question from the start ... I was told to get a personal injury lawyer

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I can't sue my employer . . . . . but can I sue the insurance company ? but even so they are covered by Nyssa . . . . . my employer owns 468 trucks and has different insurance comp . . . I will like thank all the lawyer's for your helping me into better understanding my legal rights . . . I will be getting loose anterior and posterior discernment this week in NU . . . . . my question is after surgery what will be my disability check it is 200 per week . . . does it change or it lowers ? do I get physical therapy and for how long ?

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    Answered . A workers comp lawyer should be retained, or a personal injury lawyer who also does workers comp.

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    Answered . It appears that you may not need a personal injury attorney but rather you need a Worker's Compensaton attorney. From what I can tell from your inquiry, your injury is job related. I would suggest you contact a local Worker's Compensation attorney and discuss your claim with the attorney. He/she should be able to resolve your questions. I have added Work Injury to the practice area which should get some responses from Worker's Compensation attorneys. Sorry about your injuries. Good luck.

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    Answered . If this matter involves an injury that occurred while at work, your best bet is to contact a Worker's Compensation attorney in your area. He/she would be best fit to advise you as to information regarding disability or payments from worker's compensation insurance.

    I wish you the very best of luck in dealing with your injuries.

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    Answered . It appears that your sole remedy is through Workers Compensation. If your injury was caused by third party, unrelated to your employer you could sue them, so long as they are mot your co-worker.

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    Answered . Workmen's comp lawyer necessary. Speak with a personal injury lawyer if you can sue a third party other than your employer. You can not sue the insurance company.

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    Answered . Not likely able to sue ins co. See a work comp lawyer asap.

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    Answered . Workers compensation and associated personal injury concerns are a specialty area. You can only go so far with the Q & A format on the computer even with a good web service like AVVO. So, I recommend that you make some calls today and set up a consultation with a workers compensation attorney ASAP to preserve your rights.

    Best luck and here's a general article on worker's compensation to read while you wait:

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    Answered . I suggest you retain a workers compensation attorney in your area to assist you with better understanding your potential claim.

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    Answered . You cannot sue the carrier directly. The amount you receive from compensation for the injury and or disability is a function of your average weekly wage for the year prior to the injury. You may be able to also pursue social security disability if you have enough quarters in prior to your disability. So if you worked on the books for five PI of the past ten years you have enough quarters in to receive social security disability.

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    Answered . How did you get injured?

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