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My aunt has guardianship of my 2 children I willing gave her this no cps or anyone was involved the paperwork states visits are to be at my grandmother’s house which she has now switched to her house or I can't see them further more she allowed them to stay at mine and my ex's house but won’t let them even visit mine and my husband’s house for a few hours she removes them from state often ant has threaten to move them out of state for good she refuses to talk to me or even come view my home the home my visits were in was appalling there is so much more and I have prof for it all not to mention she is now refusing to even speak to me won’t tell me about my kids claims a Mr. Carter from cps told her to switch visits but when I went to cps to find out about this cps had no clue who he was and couldn't find a case on my children I also went to dhs who gave me no info other than my kids do have a case there and no worker there is allowed to make a call to switch visits. Everyone keeps telling me there is another place that sends workers/people out to check on situations like mine but won’t tell me who or where to go I just want to be able to see my kids more I went from seeing them for at least 5-6 hours on sun to 3 hours on Sundays and I'd like to get it to where I have weekends or every other weekend and holidays and that she can never move them from the state of MI little basic things as if it were a divorce case even willing to go for every other weekend and holiday or split holidays just ANYTHING to see my kids long at a time and at my home she won’t even come look at my home my husband and I bought just for the kids so everyone would have a room I have begged her to talk to me I have pics of my new home the home my visits were being forced to be held in and Facebook messages (she won’t take my calls and only speaks to my husband) and tons of witnesses at some point I'd love full custody but for now I just want better paperwork more specifically worded and more time she won’t even let anyone I know (who are safe legal drivers) drive my kids so I can talk them to anything fun she won’t even speak to me now what if anything can I do about this, If I take her to court is there any chance I can get the papers changed for longer visits like weekends and a week out of the summer not asking for full custody just something she can’t go against. PLEASE HELP! Can give more details or explain more if I know what questions I’d need to answer to get help and the right answers! PLEASE HELP ME THESE KIDS ARE MY LIFE PLEASE I FEEL LIKE I'M DYING INSIDE WITHOUT SEEING THEM OR EVEN BEING ABLE TO CALL THEM NOW! PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE!

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    This is a hard question to answer without knowing why guardianship was given to her in the first place. Are you in a position to take the kids back full time. In my 17 years of fighting CPS I know they are not fair and will do things their way. They hold the power until someone fights them.

  2. You need an attorney well versed in MI family law and who knows how to deal CPS. Contact the MI and Flint bar associations for referrals.

    The foregoing is for general information purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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