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PLEASE HELP ME I don't know what to do this is a custody/guardianship question. Is anything in my question even legal or allowed

Flint, MI |

My aunt has guardianship of my 2 children I willing gave her this no cos or anyone was involved the paperwork states visits are to be at my grandmothers house which she has now switched to her house or I can't see them further more she allowed them to stay at mine and my ex's house but wont let them even visit mine and my husbands house for a few hours she removes them from state often ant has threaten to move them out of state for good she refuses to talk to me or even come view my home the home my visits were in was appalling what if anything can I do about this, If I take her to court is there any chance I can get the papers changed for longer visits like weekends and a week out of the summer not asking for full custody just something she cant go against. PLEASE HELP!

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If you are trying to change visitation, the standard is "the best interest of the child". You should consult with an attorney about whether or not you will succeed since there seems to be a detailed legal history that need to be discussed more in depth.

Providing answers to questions on AVVO does not create an attorney/client relationship. It is not possible to provide legal advice in the context of question and answers on the internet. The "answers" posted are solely for the purpose of providing general information about legal matters. Consult an attorney licensed to practice in your state or jurisdiction before taking any action. Be advised that what you post on AVVO is not confidential and in a civil law suit may be discoverable.

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