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Please help!! Am i at risk of detention and deportation???

Baltimore, MD |

Dear Attorneys, i came to the US in 2005 on F1 visa and overstayed, so i'm out-of-status now.last week my prospective employer, after copying my Driver's License and Social Security Card wich says VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH INS AUTHORIZATION, called INS "to get this authorization". i don't know what he told them(my name, SSN, address) or what they told him. he just called me next day and told me that he called INS and that he can't hire me. should i expect Immigration knock on my door now???how soon???arrest me???put me in detention???deport??? thank you so much!!

Am i eligible for an immigration bond?

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I have an office in Maryland and ICE is quite an active enforcer. They may do nothing especially if your employer called the USCIS 800# or the state of Maryland to confirm ability to hire you. However, if he is an e-verify employer, your risk may incdrease. There are many people in Maryland who gets knocks on the door from ICE.

Consider consulting with a competent lawyer.

Ricky Malik, Esq.

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