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Please answer if someone got into car accedent and hit his head in the windsheild

Dearborn, MI |

And he had an open scar that require 9 stitches whT do we call that? Is it closed head injury? Becouse he hit his head in the windsheild and require stitches. And also whT can be have memory loss and concussion?

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He has a head injury and laceration. He has the need to seek and receive proper medical attention to determine the nature and extent of his injuries. He needs a lawyer. He needs to see why he hit the windshield. Was he wearing a seatbelt?


I agree with Mr. Kopelson's description of the injury. If memory loss and a concussion also occurred, then the person could also be described as having a mild traumatic brain injury (or MTBI).

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I agree with the previous comment. it is both a closed head injury and a laceration. Any time there is a significant head injury, there is generally different levels of concussive damage to the brain. A concussion can cause slight problems from transient sensitivity to light and sound, memory, balance, and motor skill difficulty, to exhaustion and headaches...and many other issues to numerous to list. Post concussive syndrome passes through several levels of improving function which can take months after a head injury. In the few days following a closed head injury, it is also possible to experience a slow bleed in the brain which can cause symptoms to worsen and can be life threatening. If this injury just happened, it is imperative to seek medical attention right away if brain injury symptoms are getting worse. I highly suggest the injured party speak to their doctor and attorney about problematic symptoms.


"He" needs to get to a physician. The physician will tell him what type of injury he has. The type of injury someone suffers is not for an attorney to diagnose.
Good luck,
Tom James


I call that a client who needs an experienced injury lawyer now.


The injured person needs to seek and obtain proper medical care. This type of accident can definitely cause a head injury. I would also seek a consultation with a local attorney.


A brain injury can cause depression, memory loss, loss of coordination, loss of concentration with other symptoms that are devastating. It can be hard to diagnose but there are treatments. From your description it appears to be a laceration with a closed head injury. A concussion is a closed head injury. Please see a doctor right away to get the diagnosis and therapy.


If the injury was limited to the skin and underlying tissues, without invading the bone of the skull or the interior of the cranium, we would call the laceration which required the stitches just that...a laceration. The concussion is a different matter, and is actually caused by collision of the brain with the interior of the bony skull. Memory loss can be a result of a concussion, but there can be serious and long-term effects of concussion. You should get to a qualified neurologist if there has been any effect on consciousness, alertness, cognitive function, balance or any other abnormal function following a head injury. One of the greatest dangers is in waiting too long before a closed head injury is diagnosed, as it might involve intra-cranial bleeding or pressure, which, if left unchecked, could result in severe brain damage, even death.


This case has big value, assumed no liability issues, in Delaware, I'm getting 50,000 AND better routinely these days in post concussion syndrome mva cases, this person needs a local attorney asap to get him top dollar , appears base on your post this mva was in Michigan so start by consulting a Michigan lawyer asap


I"m sorry to hear about the wreck. Be very careful. You need appropriate medical care. There are a variety of advanced imaging studies that can help in getting an accurate diagnosis. You should also consult an experienced brain injury lawyer.

Where did the wreck occur? What age is the injured person? Do you have photos of the injuries? What symptoms does your loved one have?

Good luck.


These are questions best suited for a medical professional. If you need to speak with an attorney with regards to the car accident you are welcome to contact our office 24/7.

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