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Please advise whether to file a claim for constructive eviction/breach of quiet enjoyment & domestic violence or how to proceed.

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I have a serious problem, my ex-boyfriend, a licensed real estate broker, finds abandoned foreclosures & lives/rents them acting as prop manger. I lived w/ him for 4 months & signed a lease but I know he must have forged it. On 3 occasions, he battered me. On the last occasion (end of Feb 2013) I vacated the property & he since changed the locks. After attempting to gain access to property w/ LAPD 3 times & verifying the property's owner is deceased & now bank owned, the police advised me to take him to court. I also contacted a tenant-landlord rights org. who said that I can sue my ex-boyfriend, acting as landlord under Civil Code 789.3 & 1946. A police report for battery was taken & I emailed a complaint & demand letter to my ex. He replied that he would address my concerns but he lied.

Its been 57 days since the DV. Would a judge would award me anything for a wrongful eviction if I now know that the leased was forged? The name of the landlord used on the lease is fake. Its not his name & address nor the name of the real owner whose records I located via a real estate search. I wasn't evicted or given any notice to vacate. I also dont have rental receipts, just the lease & bills for internet service that was in my name. My ex is a licensed broker & does business under a corp name. After this wake up call, I realize that he not only mislead me but other people who are renting homes from him that he doesnt own. I wrote a complaint letter to him & worded it in such a way that he would think twice about trying to file an eviction against me by forging a landlord's name. He replied via email saying he would "happily address my concerns" & never did. Later I wrote a civil demand letter for $4,000 (code 789.3 & DV) but I'm not sure what cause of action is best or how to argue it safely. Thanks!

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You have lots of legal issues that are difficult to address individually on this forum.

If you wish to discuss this matter feel free to contact me at

Armen Taslakian. 818. 937.3590. Note: Armen Taslakian is an attorney licensed in the State of California. The answer is provided for informational use only. One should not act or refrain to act solely based on the information provided. No attorney/client relationship is created unless an Agreement is signed by the attorney and the client.

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Wow! I knew this would be complicated! Should I contact you by phone or email? Thanks for the response.

Armen Taslakian

Armen Taslakian


However you feel comfortable. My consultations are free.



Hi, I just sent a comment with my contact info via your website. Thanks!



Hi, Mr Tasakian, I have posted another question in this forum. Please feel free to respond. I know my ex has the money if I won a small claims case but I'm not sure if I am wasting my time based upon the certain circumstances surrounding this matter. Thanks again.

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