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Pleading Not Guilty to a stop sign ticket in Nassau County Court.

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My Son, who is 17 years old, will be pleading not guilty to a stop sign ticket he received in the Village of Munsey Park, Nassau County. He has a court date September 10th at 9:00 am. I have never received a ticket or had to go to court, so I do not know what to tell him to expect. I have to work and will not be able to go with him. He will have to miss school that day to go to court. If he pleaded guilty, it would have been four points on his liscense and $200? Should I hire a lawyer? He has only had his liscense seven months. I am going to send him with a copy of his "NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles Student Certificate of Completion" from his driver's eduction class. After the police officer gave the ticket to my son, he felt badly and said to fight the ticket. What is your advise?

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  1. Hire the lawyer to have him handle it. He can appear without your son so no school issue and may be able to avoid or reduce the points. It will be money well spent.
    Good Luck!

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  2. I am not familiar with that court, so I do not know their procedures. However, in general, many village courts often convert tickets like your son's to local village ordinances (often a parking ticket). This enables them to keep the money earned off of the fine and enables the motorist to avoid any conviction that could be reported back to DMV. Aside from the fine itself, these pleas mean very little as they are not crimes and do not carry license implications. However, you stated that your son has had his license 7 months...if he had it 6 months or less at the time of the ticket, a conviction of a VTL offense could result in a suspension. You and your son should at least consult with a local attorney familiar with that court's practices and also allow him to review a copy of your son's driving abstract.

  3. I believe a stop sign is only two points but in either event it may be beneficial to get an attorney. S/he may be able to negotiate a no point violation for him.

  4. You not only should retain counsel, you have to because he is a junior driver and his license will be suspended if he is found guilty as charged. Also, never believe what the cop on the stop told you, because he does not care what he is looking for is a not guilty plea to be able to go to court on overtime. Also, if your son retains counsel he will not have to go to court my office goes to court for my clients. These village courts in Nassau are very draconian and you likely already lost certain rights by not retaining counsel, who would have known to demand the proper discovery. Now it is too late and you are already behind the 8 ball. Bottom line NO ONE is on your side except the lawyer you pay to represent YOUR INTERESTS.
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  5. If you retain a attorney your chances are high to having your son plead guilty to something that will not go on his license.
    Hiring a attorney on this matter should not break the bank either.

    As for the cop? He will do his job at trying to get your son convicted.

    This is not legal advice. If order to give you legal advice i would need to see the Tickets and talk to the court first. Good luck:)