Plead gulity to DUI in non-resident state of Colorado. Have Texas license which was never suspended. CO DMV states "no record"

Asked over 1 year ago - Arlington, TX

I received a DUI in Colorado two years ago and plead gulity. The judge give me three months to do CS, pay fines etc and now the case is closed. I check the CBI and my record is there, however, I contacted my lawyer to see if indeed I have a full conviction and he went to the DMV to pull my record and it stated "No Record" found. I am a Texas resident who was visiting Colorado when this happened. My Texas license is valid and so is my Texas criminal record. So, what does all this mean? Am I convicted of DUI since the CBI has a charge of DUI on me or not? I know there are two sides to a DUI, but I'm just trying to understand since I am seeking employment and will have background checks, etc.

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    Answered . You got lucky it looks like the DUI was never reported to Texas. You will have a criminal record in Colorado but your license was not suspended.
    Robert Driessen

    Mr. Driessen is a former Deputy DA in Orange County with over 8 years of criminal law experience. Nothing stated... more
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    Answered . Sometimes administrative mistakes happen, and it may even appear that it has happened in your favor. Do not let this lull you into a false sense of security. Seek the clarification mentioned above and disclose the the issue on employment applications and background checks if/when asked.

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    Answered . Seek a solid clarification from the counsel of record who worked and completed that quasi criminal state case on your behalf. Even if the driving record may be zero, yet, your criminal record may have some entries which you need to clarify for your future employment purposes.

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