Plead guilty to menacing, no contact order issued, under OR law what do I do to get back home

Me and my fiance had a domestic violence issue and It was all based on a verbal argument. I was arrested and plead guilty to menacing. For What to get it over with the after affect was the worse; lost my job no contact order. My kids and fiance want me back home. But cant go back. Met with a PO and he said polygraph needs to be done and classes until. Again just a verbal argument. What can I do to just go home. Oh and now have Po ( Probation Officer) for a supposed 2 years. Any advice would be nice please help.

Portland, OR -

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Catherine Ann Drees

Catherine Ann Drees

Criminal Defense Attorney - Daytona Beach, FL

I must tell you what you are requesting is extremely complicated and would require setting aside the original plea and to do so would be difficult. Folks don't realize if they plead to any crime like this they can and will be fired...the insurance companies that control the corporation or business will not allow them to employ anyone who may go "postal"...additionally you will never travel to Canada with this on your record..or perhaps to other countries.
Please talk to an attorney as you will be unemployable until this is resolved.

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