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Playing the game with w/c insurance company -2 herniated disks+spinal stenosis...lawyers not responding,what to do???

Indianapolis, IN |

Injured Oct.10 2012 .MRI revealed 2 herniated disks and spinal stenosis of lower spine.Got a lawyer and they have been helpful getting my weekly checks until recent weeks when the w/c sent me to their ortho doctor in which he said I can go back to work with restrictions and spine shot.My original treating doctor has already taken me off work due to the heavy lifting requirements my boss requires + my employer has told me not to come back until I'm "fully" healed.
Went to new ortho doc yesterday from referral from original doc and was told to do more PT and it will heal itself? Already done PT with original doc with no effect for 2 months! No checks this week from W/C nor have my 5 emails to my lawyer been answered.
So is my case over from that ridiculous eval? Do I get a settlement? Thanks

Thank you for your swift responses! I tried calling them but only to get the voice mail option.Funny thing is that i have never met my lawyer nor been to their offices.I will try the cert mail option.That was an excellent idea indeed. But still,do you think my case is over?No settlement?

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    Send your attorney a certified letter, requesting that he contact you immediately, and set up a conference. It is difficult from your post to guess what is going on, and you do have right to meet with your attorney and get questions answered.

    If you'd like to discuss, please feel free to call. Jeff Gold Gold, Benes, LLP 1854 Bellmore Ave Bellmore, NY 11710 Telephone -516.512.6333 Email -

  2. Have a sit down with your lawyer. It's your case. Good luck

  3. Sometimes, emails are not sufficient. You did not mention any phone calls. Have you called to set up an appointment? If you do not get a response concerning the phone calls, then send the certified mail that the other attorney suggested.

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  4. Doubt your case is over. if writing to the atty ask if he is still interested in representing you. You may want to set up a consult with another work comp atty in your area. try to meet with one that will actually meet with you.

  5. call again leave a message and if no response in a couple of days call my Indianapolis office and i'll advise you for no charge-317-6360808

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