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San Francisco, CA |

i have clets order does it bar me from flying.and how far can they go on surveillance.tactics i was in one sided verdict.i am tired if knowing decent jobs are now out of reach .can i ask for a new prove i was baited which was my own damn fault.and show evidence i have to prove this

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You can fly unless the order says you can't which it likely would not. (It will not help, however, if you are Middle Eastern.)

As to proof you may have been duped, I would tend to discount this (as all those on the "losing end" of a court battle think it was wring and unjust) but in fact I did see that happen once, so if this is true, find a really good HONEST attorney in the Bay Area. Find the money. This is not a job


Asking for a new hearing is often not successful. If you feel you need a new hearing I would strongly suggest retaining an attorney to assist you.

As far as flying I have never seen a CLETS order prohibiting flying. You need to look at the order.

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