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Pierce county land management is blackmailing me. What do I do?

Graham, WA |

An inspector came to me and said your going to pay a lot or else then walked away. Took pictures of my house without my permission. I called his supervisor and he said you need to do what your told or we will force you out. The constitution allows protections from the governments invasion of privacy, to search your property for information as well as other means to cause harm to a family in which would either move them out or cause such a financial hardship or even forcing other costs upon a family by using codes and other, When the home was purchased there was no contract with the state as to allow infringement's on your rights. We received another threat letter and by the definition of blackmale it falls right into it. What can we do? I doubt the Sheriff would do anything.

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  1. Start by getting a written list of what they are asking you to do. If you have the list take it to a real estate attorney and find out what your rights are and what they are seeking. The County is tasked with code enforcement and there seems to be something wrong with the structure or the real property and you should find out what they want and negotiate a plan for compliance or an alternative.
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