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I have recently started to work on share ride where I give ride to people and get's paid electronically.I get a percentage from the company. I drive a personal car and work as self employed. I often dont find any parking area or loading area near my passengers so many times I have to stop in a red lane (when green and yellow is busy) they get's in quickly and I drive off. I dont stop the car engine. Can cop give me ticket for this in Los Angeles If yes how much can it possibly go and will it hurt my insurance?

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    Answered . Yes, you can be cited for stopping in a red zone as the "Red Zone" is indicative of no stopping, standing, or parking. You would likely be cited for violating CA's "Minimum Speed Law" and that carries a fine of about $250 and 1 DMV point.

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  2. Answered . Yes, can be ticketed (red - not allowed to stop); Believe fine is couple hundred dollars.

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  3. Answered . yes

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