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Photo radar speeding ticket, Tempe

Tempe, AZ |

I just received a photo radar speeding ticket on Rural road in Tempe by mail (Non-certified). 49mph in a 35 zone. Does this assess points to my license? What if I ignore it? I have heard if you are not personally served then the court cannot do anything until you are? Is there a limitation on time to have a process server track you down? It gives me the option of traffic school but I lose that option if I fight it or I assume if I ignore the ticket. Looking for some advice?

Thank you!

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In AZ you must be personally served if you have a photo radar speeding ticket. However the courts in Tempe accept bad service. Process servers in your area will often times leave the service on your doorstep or sign a declaration that you were served. If this occurs the court will issue a failure to appear on your behalf even if you did not receive notice. A failure to appear on a traffic matter can lead to the court sending notice to DMV which will then result in a suspension of your driver's license.

Oftentimes courts only choose to offer traffic school before trial. Ignoring the ticket will not make this go away.

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