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Photo Enforcement Speeding Ticket in Washington- have camera in car!

Bellevue, WA |

Hey I got a photo enforcement speeding ticket in a school zone- it shows two photos of the back of my car (you cant see who is driving). I'd like to raise reasonable doubt in court that I was not the driver... but I have a camera in my car as well as an ignition interlock (previous dui) that sends photos to washington state patrol each time I blow into the device to start my car! The ticket is from King County District Court, what is the likability that they will investigate the camera/ ignition interlock photos to use as evidence against me with this speeding ticket?

how about this: the ticket was mailed to my previous address! I changed my address with the DOL when I got the car in mid-feb, and the ticket was issued March 5! Does that make the infraction invalid? help!

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There are defenses to photo enforcement tickets. Including a sworn statement that you are not the driver. However, your post suggests that you were the driver. It is a criminal offense to file a sworn statement saying you were not the driver if you were. If a person did such a thing - instead of having a committed civil ticket that does not go on your record - you could get convicted of a criminal act.

Do not lie to the court.

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Nothing you said makes the ticket invalid. Reasonable doubt means nothing in an infraction hearing because the prosecutor must prove only by a preponderance that you committed the infraction, which is a much lower standard than in criminal court. Additionally, the statute creates a presumption that the registered owner was driving the car at the time of the infraction. Also, it is highly, highly unlikely that the prosecutor would use pictures from your IID against you.

When you change your address with DOL, you have to do it twice: once for the registration of your car, and again for your actual driver's license. You probably only updated your driver's license address.

Having said that, there are 1,001 ways to fight photo enforcement tickets. You need to hire an attorney.

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I agree with the other responses, but also want to make sure you know that this ticket will not be put on your driving record, thus your insurance will not go up. So the real question is, whether it is even worth your time to fight it. You would have a defense if you were not driving, but as already pointed out, you would have to swear this under penalty of perjury. You can't just say nothing and make them prove it, because there is a presumption that it was you, and again the burden of proof is a 'more likely that not' standard, not reasonable doubt.

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