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Phone was used to commit robbery What is the charge?

El Paso, TX |

Some people my friend knows used his phone to set up a robbery, He knew what they were up but didn't actually physically commit to it. What may be the charge? There were 3 others involved, The Victim ended up Shot but is OK now.

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There are too few facts in this question to adequately answer it. Sorry. When you say a phone was used to "set it up" and the victim was shot, but is okay now, it means to me that there was bodily damage/injury to a victim of a robbery. That's a very serious charge such as armed robbery and/or it could also be an attempted murder charge and/or a weapons possession charge. Or all of them, plus a few more for good measure.

Contact a very experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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If your friend was part of the planning of an armed robbery and/or attempted murder he can be charged as a willing participant under the law of parties. Even though he didn't pull the trigger he knew what was happening and didnt try to stop it. He needs to contact an attorney immediately because these are very serious charges.

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The charge is aggravated robbery. If he knew what they were doing and he provided his telephone to them understanding that by doing so he was helping them set up a robbery, then he can be charged as an accomplice - which means the same charge and same range of punishment.

That said, the police may not charge him because it is a tenuous involvement. But, arguably it is no different than a person who provides the vehicle to allow the robbers to drive to the scene of the crime, knowing they are going to rob someone. But for that action in loaning the phone, the robbery would not (or might not have) taken place.

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