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Petitioned 6th district court (Pinellas/Pasco) for adult name change.

Pinellas Park, FL |

My name is Harvey Michael Heagerty,I want to change my name to Rory Michael. (first and last)
I completed all paperwork, including criminal history that includes agg batt (1990), adj. withheld, and BLEO (1992} adj. withheld.
My petition was filed in Dec 16, 2011..
My name now is Harvey Michael Heagerty, changed by my father from Rory Gene Heagerty in Apr 1962. This shows on myFlorida birth certificate. Can the court arbitrarily decide no change?
I am waiting for a letter from the legal aides to the judge wanting more info. No hearing has been held yet. Thanks for your help!

I received a letter from the judges office asking for copies of the first name change court order. I have ordered them. Additionally, a statement regarding whether I have children or not. A statement regarding whether I am engaged in a profession,when where I practiced. I am an insurance agent and have disclosed that already. The name change is the result of personal growth, and a desire to begin again after suffering abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church, and my stepmother(named Heagerty). I went voluntarily to counseling at the expense of the church from 6/11 to 12/11. The new name pays equal respect to my birth mother and father, who was a saint. I am not hiding from anyone or anything. It's spiritual!

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It is very rare that a court will "arbitrarily" decide anything. It is always best to be prepared when you go before the court. Have a reasoned, well thought out, explaination for the change. As my brother counsel has advised, if the reason for the change is merely to avoid or hide from your past, that probably is not a sound reason, and the court may deny it based upon that. Again, preparation is the key. Good Luck.

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No the Judge would not arbitrarily deny it. If there was some concern about your attempt to avoid the criminal past, that may be a concern. Having just filed the Petition, I would give it at least 45-60 days before being concerned about what the Court will do. Follow up with the Judge's office after 1.30.2012 if you dont have a response.

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