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Petition review not same judge is it? How much more must I get to believe the truth? appeal obvious employer lying now?4PETREV

Graham, WA |

Employer continued to lie-appeal-obviously lying again surprisingly judge sided w employer when manager who laid me off wasn't even to answer...employer kept saying well, have to check my notes etc. with no answers it so obvious they lying now judge sided with employer what next or should be done in petition review? Honest person rightfully deserving and needing my unemployment benefits. Any help greatly appreciated....think if they listen to recording they will hear too how obvious it is that employer does not even know what really went on between myself and manager that day I was laid off. Any help greatly appreciated

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  1. A denial of unemployment benefits can be appealed. (See links below.) The ESD's final determination can also be challenged in Superior Court, but as an administrative decision, it is rare for anyone to prove the agency was arbitrary and capricious.

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