Petit Larceny with 90 days suspension and 1 year probation in Virginia.

Asked 12 months ago - Fairfax, VA


I was caught for a shoplifting a few months ago and was put on a felony charge at that time. I hired a lawyer and did some 250 hours community service before my court date, which helped me bringing my case down to misdemeanor (Petit Larceny) with 90 days suspended jail time and 1 year probation. I want to know if there is anyway I could wipe this record off after a few year with no criminal violation in common wealth of Virginia?
How bad is it to have this remark on your record? Could it affect my future job prospects? Will I have to live with this record on me for the rest of my life? I have never broken any other law and will keep myself clean as well. Can I clean my record somehow?

Thank you for the response.

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  1. James Donald Garrett

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    Answered . There is no expungement in Virginia for a conviction.

    Good luck.

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  2. Kenneth William Jacobson

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    Answered . Under the circumstances, you are lucky that you are not a convicted felon. Thankfully your attorney was able to get this charge reduced. Unfortunately, unless the laws in Virginia are changed one day, your conviction is not going away.

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