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Personal injury attorney needed who will gamble 1/2 hour of time for a big payoff.

Woodland Hills, CA |

This is personal injury - emotional distress.

I have a case against Wells Fargo, N.A. and others for emotional distress due to a wrongful foreclosure.

I'm not your average "whack job" making up some story, etc. I have the law and facts on my side; what I don't have is $$ to fight a big-box firm that bills at $450 per hour.

The story is both simple and convoluted but I guarantee you, the FACTS and the applicable law almost guarantee a winner.

Broad brush picture: Wells Fargo foreclosed on my house and bought it losing me $70,000 in equity, AND, in violation of the automatic stay in my Ch. 7 BK.

Give me 1/2 hour (I'm not asking for free advice) and let me SHOW you documents, tell you facts you can verify and if needed, show you plain law that applies to the facts.

Any gamblers here?

Attorney Answers 5

  1. I'm willing to listen.

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  2. So you want someone to take on Wells Fargo and its big box lawyers, on a contingency, and no doubt pay all the expenses for 1/3 of $70,000 in lost equity if that number is correct and a jury gives you everything you ask for on that. And, who is advancing the daily jury fees of $300 per day?
    As far as emotional distress- you sound cool and collected to me.

    On the other hand, if we lose, your lawyer gets nothing, and is out costs?

    Typically lawyers handle personal injury cases on a contingency where liability is clear and damages are in the area of mid-six figures, sometimes lower.

    I have handled commercial litigation where the damages are over $400,000 on a contingency and the client will pay all of the expenses. This is hard damages, no emotional distress.

    Under no circumstances would I ever take a $70,000 commercial case on a contingency--no matter how you pump it up.

  3. How many attorneys/law firms have you previously presented the case to?

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  4. The only certainty is uncertainty - sounds cliche but it's true. There are almost no guarantees in prevailing against another party - let alone against one of the largest banks with potentially "unlimited resources." However, I think if the facts are strong, there would be plenty of competent attorneys willing to consult (free of charge) to assess whether or not they'll take your case. I don't believe my colleagues are gamblers - our profession is to minimize the risks involved before making a very calculated attack. Good Luck.

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