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Personal injury, no tickets issued, pedestrian jumped behind a moving vehicle....the case was discontinued. how to find out if

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it was settled or paid out against my policy and then discontinued or discontinued without payout. I can't reach the lawyer or speak to the insurance company. and they really beat me up over this...was not my fault, but the insurance company blamed me, plaintiff discontinued, but I don't know if they were paid first....I didn't get any notices or anything from my old insurance company...but I think that they did pay out...and they shouldn't have..what can I do about this, beside contact the insurance company and the attorney, who was not reachable.

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  1. I belief that you had previously inquired about this. Again my advice is to forget about it and be thankful it is settled.

  2. You have posted this inquiry several times. Your insurance company has an obligation to provide the information you seek, if you request the same; regardless of whether you agree or disagree with what was done. It is a bit hard to believe that the carrier is refusing that information to you, if that is what you are implying. Why you don't want to call and get the information quickly, quite frankly, defies logic. Having said that, go down to the courthouse and pull the file on the case. If settled the Stipulation of Discontinuance will likely have a reference that "the within action having been settled..." or words to that effect, although it likely will not have reference to the settlement amount. And, although you have harped on this in each of your postings, the liability insurance carrier does NOT have to get your permission to settle a personal injury case in which you are defendant, and can settle it for an amount that you may not agree to, so long as their action does not expose your personal assets.

  3. Just forget it and move on.

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  4. Nothing. Time to move on.

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