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Percentage of a jail sentence served??

Fort Lee, NJ |

Hi, I was wonder, generally in NJ what is the average percentage of a jail sentence someone usually serves in a county jail before being eligible for parole? Also, what is the earliest you have ever seen someone eligible? I don't know if it differs based on type of reason your in there, but this would be for a violent offense.

PS I'm asking b/c someone I know took a plea for 364 and is telling me they will be eligible in 4 months, but everything I have read tells me you have to serve at least 48% of the sentence first so I was trying to find out if he has accurate information...

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The link below may be helpful to you.


It is not unusual for a person sentenced to 364 days in county jail to be eligible for release in just over 4 months. "Eligible" means just that. There is no guarantee that an inmate will be released on his earliest eligibility. The most important considerations would be his prior record and the nature of the offense. A person serving time for a "violent" crime is less likely to get early release than a non-violent offender.


You can check the code but I believe you must serve 60 days before they begin calculating good time and work credits. You normally can reduce the remaining sentence substantially. It also depends on how crowded the jail may be and other factors. So 4 month is possible in Hudson County but I think they may do a tad more.

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