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Penalties / points / fine for ticket of unlicensed driver and driving on part not intended for passengers. Plead guilty or not

Marlboro, NJ |

I'm 16. New Jersey. Last weekend I was in the drivers seat of my friend's car, he's 20. We were at a party about to leave, we had bout 7 people in the car including me and everyone in the vehicle was intoxicated except me. The officer Cknowledged I was sober but still gave m I did not have any intention on driving but I turned on the car to move up. I moved about a foot & a cop physically walks over and tells me I am getting a summons in the mail. I received two tickets a couple days ago. I have court next week. Is it worth pleading not guilty? I need advice. **Last year I was guilty of driving without a license as well, went to court pled guilty and received 2pts, $700 fine and 6 month suspension on my non existent license

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  1. Absolutely a terrible idea to plead guilty without first consulting with a knowlegable and experienced attorney. I am right nearby in Freehold and would be pleased to have you make an appointment to discuss your case. I can be reached at (732) 780-3090.

  2. More information is needed. If you mean moved the seat up you may be OK. If you moved the car you operated the car for purposes of a ticket. If you plea you lose you ability to get a license for another 6 months.

  3. Thank you for your email.

    You are looking at some very serious charges that can be very costly.

    The short answer is, plead not guilty and consult with a knowledgable lawyer who knows that court.

    I am a former municipal prosecutor. I handle these cases routinely.

    My office is in Freehold. I know this Court.

    Please feel free to call my office (732.303.6430) or email me ( if you wish to discuss this further.

    -Andrew Blumer, Esq.

    ***DISCLAIMER: the providing of this information does not legal advice and does not create any attorney-client relationship***

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