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Paying for a vehicle and I'm not on the title

Denver, CO |

My situtation: I am purchasing a vehicle from a 'friend' for the past 3 yrs I've paid $240 ea & every month....she in turns makes the payments to the bank. The reason that we have this agreement is too long winded.... BUT, I have reason to believe that she is not making these payments. She's way behind on all of her other personal payments. My thing is, she NEVER drew up a contract for me. I've asked her continuously... I keep getting the run around. Most recently she said "I'll get you that contract ASAP". That was 2 months ago. SO ~ if she's way behind on those car payments and they come & take this car from me do I have a leg to stand on since I have no contract .... have I just been pouring these last few thousands of dollars down a drain ? What are my options ? I have receipts.

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  1. I would expect the lending company to be able to repossess the car if she stops making payments. You may have a claim against her if the car is taken from you. In any case, I urge you to contact a local attorney who specializes in civil matters because you have a lot of issues here, including the need to (a) refinance the loan or otherwise get the lender to recognize your rights in the car and (b) get a written contract with her so that your rights as they relate to her are clarified and (c) make sure that your car insurance isn't invalidated because you are regularly driving a car that doesn't belong to you.

    Good luck.

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