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Paying bail and fees in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV |

In Las Vegas, a friend was arrested. That person was with another friend who had some rolled up joints in a cigarette case so my friend was arrested as an accomplice. In order to pay the bond (from out of state,) the police station told us to go to Home Depot, get 10 different money transfer cards worth $500 each totaling $5000 then call back with the code numbers to validate payment which I did. Later on, they called back saying that in order to pay the legal fees, we will now need to get 8 more of these cards totaling another $4000. I am worried about fraud. Is this normal for a Las Vegas police department to make me do and why wouldn't they accept any other form of payment? Thank you for your help.

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You pay legal fees to your attorney, not a "police station." Call an attorney, a bail bondsman and possibly report this to the police department if in fact it is a scam. Keep track of all telephone numbers and cards. Your friend's info is public, so this seems like a fishing scam.

DISCLAIMER: This is for information purposes only and is not legal advice. Nor does this post create an attorney-client relationship. Always seek the advice of a licensed attorney. Nevada’s laws do change so it is important to talk to a licensed attorney in person.

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You are correct, it does appear to be a scam. If arrested and detained, your friend would be at the Clark County Detention Center, will not call ou to solicit bail money. If you want to post bail from out of state, a bail bondsman may be helpful.
Below is a link about this scam on the CCDC web site.

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I meant to choose yours as best answer. Thank you for the helpful advice and the fast response. Unfortunately, we lost the first amount but I managed to prevent losing the second balance. I filed a police report with the local precinct but unfortunately, they say we won't get our money back. Thank you deeply for your help!


You write that "the police station told" you to do something. The fact that both the "bond money" and this alleged "legal fee" are together is a bid sign that this is a fraud. There is no such bondsman that would receive bond money and legal fees. There is no such police station that would assist in receiving money for a bond. Like my colleague suggested, the correctional facility (not the police station) is the one that handles acceptance of bond money. You need to stop payment on each of the money cards and do not send any more money. First, call the police to report this phone number that impersonated as a "police station", I'm sure they would want to know about this type of scam. Second, find a reputable bondsman that is licensed with the State of Nevada to assist you with posting a proper bond. Best wishes.

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Contact the Nevada Attorney General regarding the fraud.

The answer above is only based upon the limited information provided. The answer is limited and my review is likewise limited, and thus the response is not intended to be acted upon as legal advice. Although licensed in numerous states, I am currently only licensed to practice law in the state of Nevada. No attorney-client relationship is formed until you sign an attorney-client agreement with my office. Any information provided is for discussion purposes only and there is no attorney-client relationship formed. Only general legal information is provided. Each case is unique and accurate legal advice would require review of all details and documents for each specific case. It is possible that the comments here, while meant to be helpful, may in some cases not be complete.

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