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Parole revocation due to a no contact order being violated

Racine, WI |

I am a victim of armed robbery, I just discovered that the woman, now on parole, is working with me in the hospital where I am an RN at. I filed a complaint with her PO, who was resistant to do anything about it. It clearly states in her probation that she is to have no contact with me. I went to the PO's supervisor and even the Racine District Attorney. Finally the PO showed up at our work (crying, yes, literally crying) over the fact that she had to take the parolee to jail for the night in order to investigate my claims. Her PO then questioned both of us and sided with the parolee saying that I had no evidence of any contact and that "once youve been in jail its a hard place to go back to" as if she felt sorry for the woman. The woman ultimately got transferred out! What can I do?

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  1. Assuming you have documentation of the no-contact -- perhaps it's in the Judgment of Conviction or on the online case search (i.e., CCAP) -- you could call the police and raise the concern with them. However, the question becomes how close the contact is. Simply working in the same hospital may not be enough to trigger that; if you guys are on different floors, never see each other, etc., I'm not sure how you'd argue there was contact.

    If the agent and the police choose to do nothing about it, my advice to you is to do everything you can to stay away from this woman. I understand that's frustrating, but ultimately the agent has the authority to revoke or not revoke a parolee.

  2. The woman apparently served whatever Initial Confinement prison time the Judge imposed as part of her sentence upon being convicted for Armed Robbery. It sounds like your complaints may have resulted in the woman losing a job it was probably very difficult for her to find after being released from prison. If so, one likely consequence may be a decrease in the odds that she will be successfully re-integrated into and become a law abiding and productive member of society. If your goal is to see that her parole/extended supervision is revoked and she is sent back to prison no matter what, sorry, I respectfully decline to help achieve it.

  3. What else do you want, she was transferred out? I suppose you could write the judge and complain, not that that will do much good, most likely.

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