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Parking enforcement towed my car for not moving in 7 days . I move it every Sunday . How do I get them off my back ?

Tacoma, WA |

My car was towed to Police Impound because it " was not moved in 7 days " . I drive it every Sunday and park it in front of my house on the city street . I have started to take pictures of it each time I drive it - witnessed by my roommates . What can I do to get rid of this problem cop ? I don't really have the resources to fight the city on this , but , it has already cost me $ 298 . 94 in impound charges and I am waiting on a disputed parking ticket - potentially another $ 35 . 00 .

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It seems that people think your car is abandoned or is undriveable and is taking up space on a public street. I would simply suggest that you don't park your car in the same place all the time and maybe even move it every few days. Most likely, it was a neighbor who reported it. (I've done that before). Most cops don't have time to go around keeping track of all the cars on the street. You might even write a letter to the local police dept. telling them of the situation or file a complaint.

As for your $300, you'd probably have to sue the city to get it back.

Does the parking ticket have the date it was issued on it? If not, tell that to the judge for an easy dismissal.

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I would send all of your documentation to the police and plead your case. Also, find an alternative to your current parking situation

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You need to tel the powers that be your story/information and make sure they know all of this so that you don't get ticketed or fined. You are doing what you need to, now make sure the correct people are hearing it.

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