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Parenting time was changed how can i get it changed back?

Blackduck, MN |
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Sole physical and legal custody was granted to me. Supervised parenting time was given to the other party. After 14 months he began to exercise his parenting time. After less than a year he filed motion to have unsupervised visits and won. its been almost 4 years but his conduct is devastating the functioning part of our family and he is making vary poor choices obo our three children. i told the other party that supervised visits were best suited for us and have only given the option to see our kids in a supervised setting. he has refused for six months and has now filed a motion for "parenting time assistance"

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  1. You should talk to a family law attorney to answer his motion. If you have evidence about how his behavior is making parenting time unsafe, bring that with you. The attorney will best be able to advise you on how to proceed.

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  2. I agree. Courts do not look kindly on unilateral decisions. If you want a change, file a motion and present your evidence. Contact an attorney in your area to discuss your options and to guide you.

  3. You may argue before the court at the hearing for parenting time assistance and include in your responsive paperwork, evidence, and argument why a request to have his parenting time restricted is in the children's best interests. Also, I agree with counsel that you should are committing a contempt of court by changing the court ordered time unilaterally.

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  4. Hello. Your post raises concerns that you are making decisions and directives which are violative of the terms of the existing court order. I urge you have detailed legal counsel because of the seriousness of the issues and the complexity of the matters now before the court.

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