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Palcenta Finding 9 mm wide left inside my body for 71/2 months is this a malpractice suite?

Oakland, CA |

I gave birth to my child Dec 2009 . The doctor had a hard time removing the palcenta from my body she removed it in pieces.I never stopped bleeding or hurting . The doctor concerned my delivery a sucess . I advise a host of Dr. that i was in pain and bleeding . The Dr's. advised my it was a healing process. While after 7 1/2 month of bleeding , and pain 2 byosis , I asked to see the head dr. of OBGYN I was advised that i has a bad infection due to placenta being inside me. finally the head obgyn scheduled my to come in emergency and have a D&C . the results came back 9 mm wide of placenta was inside. Do I have a lawsuit?

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From the sound of it you may very well have a viable claim, I am not a California attorney but I handle many personal injury and medical malpractice claims in Utah. You should consult an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in your area. Best of Luck.

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