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Paid in advance for implants 18500.00 left after few weeks, Dr. will not pay back.

Chandler, AZ |
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Tried to dispute CC company said need more info. and a letter from another dentist, found another dentist but too late, time ran out they said unable to revisit this dispute. He mislead CC co. showing I agreed to pay this amount he did not tell them he did not do it. I'm paying on this card to save my credit and I never received his dental service more then few hundred dollars worth. I need this money for further dental care mouth teeth are going south. Not to mention this is my money.

Sorry for confusion tried to keep it short. I paid a dentist in advance as I understand is common. Insurance will not cover implants. The process of implant take 6 months before you get the final permanent prosthesis. The Dr. put 4 implants in 2 fell out, made me wonder if he actually did the bone grafting for these teeth like he stated he would. Each bone grafting for each tooth cost 650.00, each each implant is 2200.00

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Your narrative is not clear to me, but to the extent I understand, the dentist could be liable on a range of claims, including possibly breach of contract and fraud. Specific performance is the claim that might force him to do the work, but why would you want him to do it.

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I don't understand yournrecitation of facts and question posed. Try repost in a more coherent statement otherwise younwill not get any answers do to the confusion you created.

My answer is not intended to be giving legal advice and this topic can be a complex area where the advice of a licensed attorney in your State should be obtained.

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