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Page Length of Amended Answer? Page Length of Amended Cross-Complaint? Or since this year, is length based on number of words?

Palm Springs, CA |

I must file an Amended Answer and Amended Cross-Complaint this week. When I filed the originals, they were both combined into one filing which was 17 pages total with no tables or attachments added at the end. The Answer was pages 1-12; the Cross-Complaint was pages 13-17. Now I've split them apart in to 2 separate filings. I've added more Affirmative Defenses to the Answer; I've added more Causes of Action to the Cross Complaint. Currently the Amended Answer is now 28 pages and 9700 words; the Amended Cross-Complaint is now 15 pages and 5400 words. This time I've added tables, attachments and exhibits to each filing which are additional 16 pages at the end of each filing. I've searched the web many times and cannot find definitive answers. Thank you in advance for your time.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You won't find the answer online.

    Check with the courtroom rules that apply. Rule of as brief as possible.

  2. The California Code of Civil Procedure does not impose any page limits on pleadings filed in Superior Court. That said, less is generally more.

  3. There aren't any page or word limits on Answers or cross complaints. You don't include a table, and attachments are rarely included. You are well advised to consult with an atty at least to buy some time to review your papers before filing.