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Pa Traffic stop Police Warning Notice. Told only warning small print says other wise. What needs done to prevent further action

Tamaqua, PA |

Nature of offense: Illegal tint
Items Requiring repair, replacement, or inspection: left But the very bottom of the form states:
Equipment noted above is in violation of the Vehicle code. If an official state inspection or reinspection is not required a police officer may verify the correction and complete part B of the reverse side. Verification must be made within 5 days of the date of this warning. Mail or deliver this card, properly certified to insure cancelation of the complaint. Failure to comply ill bring penalties as prescribed by law.

Was told it is only a warning by the trooper. Is it a warning or do I need to take corrective action? See question posted What should I do if I get pulled over again for all the details behind this stop

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Bring your vehicle into a shop that does tinting and removal. They can perform a test to determine if the windows are in state compliance. If they aren't then it must be removed. Have them take the corrective action if necessary and write a report. Then send the report and warning notice to the listed address.

  2. You need to follow the instructions as set forth within the timeframe set forth regardless of what description the Trooper assigned it.

  3. You question is somewhat incomplete. I think it is tough to say what you have to do. Take the citation to a criminal defense attorney to read in order to obtain an accurate opinion as to what to do.

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