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PA criminal code, theft charges possible consequences

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Hey guys. I'm currently in PA and got charged with some stupid BS. I have 2 charges. S 18 § 3924 Theft of Property and S 18 §3925 §§ Receiving stolen property. I did not want a public defender to represent me because here in PA it seems they are all tied together. This is a preliminary hearing. So what happened was I was accused of theft of an iphone from a party. There was about 7 or 8 people @ this "party" and the one kids iphone turned up missing and I got accused about 2 days later. About a week pasted and a city cop was at my door with papers claiming he had a warrant to search AT&T phone records and was asking for the property back. I was not home at the time, my mother had answered the door. I tried to contact the officer back but he had never returned my calls. I'm assuming he "got a warrant" like he said he did to search the phone records of AT&T to see if the iphone had be activated on my plan or not. MY phone number isn't even connected to my name. So if he were to have gotten a warrant, he went on hearsay of people who accused me @ this "party" of taking the phone by my name and cell phone number because I am under my mother's family plan and the phone records are in her name and not mine.Also, is there anything I need to know about how to waive my counsel the proper way? Any tips or advice would be great! I am going in without an attorney or public defender. This is awful for me because I graduate in Dec with a 4 year criminal justice degree and do not want this on my record at all! ANY advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for your time

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The advice is simple, get an attorney. You have a long future adhead of you. While most employers only ask for criminal convictions involving felonies, there is not bar to ask about other crimes depending on the employer.

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