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Ownership interest in Real Estate

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Does either a "leasehold" or "long term occupancy" alone and without consideration, covey any type of "ownership interest" ?

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  1. Generally, no. A leasehold gives one the exclusive right to possess property and the long term occupancy presumably is similar. Even a 99 year lease does not convey title, though it may have many of the attributes of ownership.

  2. The interest conveyed by a lease or long term occupancy agreement is generally governed by the agreement it self.

    A person/entity often records such an agreement with the county recorder in order to notify the "rest of the world" of the interest. This action may stop third parties from coming in and ousting the person/entity with the recorded interest.

    However, such agreements normally do not convey an "ownership" interest in the property, although some of the rights to the property may be quite similar to ownership rights.

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  3. Not generally. It is possible to get title by adverse possession. A lease would countermand that.

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