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OWI in IN down to reckless .. what now for my IL drivers license?

Chicago, IL |

4 years ago I had a DUI and it was dropped to probation NO conviction because I was a min risk. Since then the only thing I have had is a small speeding ticket. I now have this OWI in IN that has been dropped to reckless driving and I am on probation for it. I have not had my license suspended yet in IL. Will I be? How long will it be for? Will IL contact me when it is?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You won't get revoked for a reckless driving. You might get a suspension if you have any other moving convictions in the past 24 months.

  2. Your license will not be revoked because you were not convicted of DUI. However, it may be suspended for 3 years if you refused the breath test and that refusal is reported to IL. The reason it is 3 years is that this would be your second offense in 5 years (I think your first offense was supervision although you call it probation). And if you are suspended for 3 years you won't be able to get a permit from IL. If you took and failed the test IL will not take any action on your license.

  3. To answer your last question, yes, IL will contact you before suspending your license, if the Sec. of State chose to do so. But I agree with Mr. Wallin, you should not be revok4d for the Reckless Driving offense.

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