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OUT of Status better for F-1 Visa seeking Asylum ?

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Is it simply better for F-1 University Student to just fall out of status before applying for asylum ?

Because this way the F-1 Student Asylum Applicant can be certain that They will be able to appeal to immigration judge since they are out of status.(just in case the asylum officer deny the case).

If the F-1 University Student still maintain their status when their asylum case got denied by asylum officer, they will NOT be able to appeal to immigration judge.
Is this correct?

Now by the time this F-1 university student graduated from the university (few years later)
Can they appeal to the immigration judge since they become out of status by that time?

Meaning Appeal using the same case that got rejected by the Asylum officer few years earlier? (WITHOUT starting new asylum case)


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If a person is in status when he or she files an asylum application with US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the application is denied, the person will not be referred to an immigration judge for a removal proceeding. There will not be a chance to "appeal" this decision to an immigration judge when the F1 status expires.

If a person is out of status on the date that the asylum officer makes the decision to deny the application, the person will be referred for a removal hearing (deportation trial) to an immigration judge. The immigration judge will be able to hear the person's asylum application and make an independent decision from the asylum office.



So if I have active status F1 and my case is denied from the officer I can't go to court? I don't have any other chance to receive Asylum??

Sophie Marie Alcorn

Sophie Marie Alcorn


If you are in active F1 status and your asylum application is denied, you will not be referred to immigration court for a removal hearing. Therefore, you should carefully consider the timing of your application and speak to an experienced attorney regarding the details of your case.

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